World Angus Forum Technical Program


Sunday 25th June – Monday 26th June 2017, the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

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The conference is titled from ‘Consumption to Conception’, with many people thinking we have it the wrong way round. That’s the idea. We want to turn it on its head and make delegates think – who are my real consumers? Are they the store ring or the closest abattoir? Are they the person living in the middle of London or New York, or are they the top stud breeder or the expanding producers in Eastern Europe? We all have different markets and we all have a great product, but are we using this product to its full benefit? What has changed over the years are the tools available to us as breeders, processors and marketers to fulfil the market desires and needs. We aim to show how we can help safeguard our future by using the information and technology available, to be more efficient, get closer to the market and still produce the highest eating quality, environmentally friendly, natural protein source there is.

The World Angus Forum will bring together like minded producers capable of driving the production methods essential for a self-sustaining future:

  • To challenge convention
  • To focus producers on consumer direction and desires
  • To highlight the tools available and skills required for a secure future
  • Give each other the courage adopt new ideas and direction
  • To make friendships and have fun.

‘To know where to start we must first understand the end.’


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