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Scotland is a progressive nation built on dynamism, creativity and the worldwide reputation for the warmth of its people. Its long intellectual history also makes it an ideal place for the World Angus Forum. Great minds like Charles Darwin, David Hume, Adam Smith and Alexander Fleming were trained at its universities and medical institutions, and some of the world’s most creative writers and artists including Robert Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle, and JK Rowling flourished in its coffee houses and pubs. Edinburgh has also been home to notable developments in medicine, new technologies, and the life sciences, including Dolly the Sheep, stem cell research, and liver transplantation.

As a World Heritage site, it is famous for its Castle perched on a volcanic rock just a few minutes’ walk from where the conference will be held. There is also a plethora of stunning architecture and wonderful galleries, museums and theatres.

Edinburgh is the inspiring capital of Scotland. It is home to the largest arts festival in the world, and with breath-taking beauty, fascinating history, and world-class attractions it has a friendliness, vibe and atmosphere that’s hard to beat.

Discover the fascinating history and heritage of Edinburgh &The Lothian’s through the region’s outstanding historical attractions including sites in Edinburgh’s Old and New Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Below is just a sample of some of the sites to visit during your stay in Edinburgh.